About Us

Committed to Healthier Life !

Madhura Health Care believes that access to quality healthcare is a right, not a privilege .

Our end over is to ensure the availiability of world class, quality products at affordable prices, across the globe. Madhura health care offers range of Respiratory products like Cpap, Bipap, ventilators, oxygen concentrator, tubing & filters etc. Surgical products like face mask, nasal mask, pediatric mask, oxygen cannula Spirometer, Blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter, Avent products, Hygeine products like sanitary pads, maternity pads, Hand gloves, surgical cap, Diapers, under sheet etc. Besides a professional Competent team, that looks into administration, sales, marketing, maintenance etc. MHC is supported by team of highly qualified & experienced Staff.

Madhura Health Care is an authorized dealer based in Pune having 25 years experience in respiratory & surgical solutions. Seeks a vision beyond the existing horizons.Provide obstructive sleep apnea, snoring and respiratory care solutions with Cpap and Bipap device.Offers innovative products for sleep and home respiratory care.

Breathe easier, sleep more naturally.Provide best quality with best services to the customer. Madhura Health Care is committed towards customer satisfaction.